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Tribute inscriptions on the black obelisk of Shalmaneser III (around 827 BC)

The inscriptions on the black obelisk of King Shalmaneser III (858 - 824 BC) mostly give details of the king's campaigns, but below are the translations of the captions over the 5 rows of bas reliefs showing tribute being brought to the king from different countries. For a translation of the rest of the inscriptions, see here.

From: Luckenbill, Daniel D., Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia, Vol. 1: Historical Records of Assyria, from the earliest times to Sargon, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press) 1926, p. 211.

Over the reliefs

589. I. Tribute of Sua, the Gilzanite. Silver, gold, lead, copper vessels, staves for the hand of the king, horses, camels, whose backs are two humps, I received from him.

590. II. Tribute of Iaua (Jehu), son of Omri (mar Humri). Silver, gold, a golden bowl, a golden beaker, golden goblets, pitchers of gold, lead, staves for the hand of the king, javelins, I received from him.

591. III. Tribute of the land of Musri. Camels, whose backs are two humps, a river-ox (buffalo), a sakea, a susu, elephants, monkeys, apes, I received from him.

592. IV. Tribute of Marduk-apal-usur of Suhi. Silver, gold, pitchers of gold, ivory, javelins, buia, brightly colored (and) linen garments, I received from him.

593. V. Tribute of Karparunda, of Hattina. Silver, gold, lead, copper, copper vessels, ivory, cypress (timbers), I received from him.

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