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Ashurnasirpal II flanked by protective spirits, 865 - 860 BC, Nimrud, North-West palace, room F, panels 3-4
This pair of panels stood at the head of a room the surviving walls of which were otherwise panelled entirely with eagle-headed spirits and Sacred Trees. The winged, eagle-headed protective spirits (guardian angels?) carry pails in their left hands, and the cones in their right hands are for sprinkling purifying liquid. I wonder if the common Christian imagery of angels as winged humanoid beings derives from Mesopotamian culture as portrayed here.

The guy in the middle is King Ashur-nasir-pal II (884 - 859 BC), and you can read some excerpts form his annals here. The cuneiform inscription across the middle of the carvings is Ashurnasirpal's 'standard inscription,' a translation of which is available here.

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